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Below you will find the true story of Sledgeback and it's roots. These are the facts.

Sledgeback formed in 2004 as an attempt of Gabor Hun to continue what he started in the early 1990's in Hungary with his previous band C.A.F.B.. Hun wrote dozens of songs even before Sledgeback started but not knowing enough English he had to study the language next to work on his own and finish the songs later. 4 months after the band set foot on stage the first time, Sliver records signed Sledgeback and released the debut album "People's choice". Following the success of the first album, the label extended the contract and brought out the second full length "Perception becomes reality" in 2006. After a dispute between the label and the band in 2007, Sledgeback left Sliver records and released the European edition of "Perception becomes reality" thru the Dutch Rebellion records on CD and limited edition clear Vinyl later in 2007.Despite many difficulties Hun started working on the new album on the following winter. Sledgeback recorded about 20 songs in the enduring 2 year long production of the new material and once again overcame the losses it suffered the previous years with an album that outgrew the past releases.

The following year the band went thru several member changes but finalized it's line up in 2009 with former Himsa drummer Tim Mullen and  War babies bass player Shawn Trotter joining to Gabor Hun. With the help of Mullen and Trotter the band finally finished the long awaited new Sledgeback material. Later in 2010 Sledgeback released their first ever split album "Reality bites" with the long standing UK punk outfit Foreign Legion which was followed by the third full length record "Bite the bullet" in October 2010.The band has been asked to record and release a brand new track for a compilation cd and Cellular Phone application of the new game "Zombie Mosh" by Buchepalus Games for 2011.


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The true story /Pre-2004/ C.A.F.B. - The roots of Sledgeback



C.A.F.B. formed in 1990 (with Gabor Hun Szakacsi-just about finishing elementary school- and Mike Szita) and started playing live shows in early 1991. Immanuel Olah joined the band late 1991 replacing the first drummer. With the help of Benedek Fliegauf C.A.F.B. has been booked in the legendary rock club "Black Hole" the first time ever in the summer of 1991. They recorded their first album Utcastilus ("Street style") in 1992 but it did not release until 1998. Later in 1993 the Hungarian underground label Trottel records signed the group and released the full length album, Ne bizz senkiben ("Don't trust anybody") which featured the song "B.R.F.K." (Budapest Police dept.). The song almost instantly became a crowd favorite because of its anti-establishment lyrics. Szita and Olah left the band in 1994 when Szakacsi was serving his one-year army service.

-The book "Magyarock 2."  (which is about the history of Hungarian pop and rock music) says C.A.F.B. was an important piece of the early 1990's Hungarian punk and hardcore scene.-

After the front man returned from his military service a temporary line up of C.A.F.B. formed that lasted until the summer of 1996 when the band opened for the UK Subs in Budapest. Following this event Laca Urban, Lajos Suto and Zoltan Horniak joined Szakacsi to form the new C.A.F.B.

C.A.F.B. recorded the album Zanza at Reaktor studios Budapest with Gabor Nemeth (Bikini) as producer. Released by Premier Art records in September 1997, the album featured the song "Engedj be" (Let me in). Produced by Andras Szitanyi and Gabor Varga (Sexepil), the video that has been filmed for this song was a major success and charted in almost every Hungarian music channels in 1997 and 1998. The video mainly hit the rock music charts of Z+ TV and ATV that time. A year later C.A.F.B. recorded its next album "Minden-hato ("All-mighty") but Premier Art refused to release it. This work later came out by Edge records which is part of "Metal Hammer Hungary".

Zoltan Horniak left C.A.F.B. after the band finished touring the Zanza album in 1998. He tried to commit suicide later that year and spent a short time in a psychiatric facility. Returned to the group in 2009.

Szakacsi left for Seattle in 1999 but occasionally traveled to Budapest to record the albums 'Subkontakt" (2001) and "Naiv" (2004). Despite the fact he did not play any live events with the group since 1999, Szakacsi remained as a working member of C.A.F.B. until his departure in 2004 when Sledgeback formed. Leaving behind a near 15 year long commitment to C.A.F.B. with his attempt to continue the road in the United States under the name Sledgeback.


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